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How Do I Create My Own Website With My Own Domain Name?

Your own website and domain name

Creating a website with your own distinctive domain name is a way to communicate with the world. Whether the goal is to sell a product, promote a cause, build an online community or share your opinions or activities with the world, a website with its own domain name can be an effective way to get the job done. While there are many tools and services for each step in the process, the steps to follow in creating your own website with your own domain name remain the same.


Difficulty: 4

Step 1

Select a domain name. Come up with several possible domain names that are appropriate for the purpose of your website. With millions of websites already in existence, the chances are good that your first choice for a domain name is already registered to someone else.

Step 2

Determine if the domain name you want is available. Use a domain registration firm to search for the domain names you are considering. This will tell you which are available for use right now.

Step 3

Register your domain name through the domain registration firm. These firms handle the behind the scenes work necessary to give you control over the domain name for the length of time you select. They also ensure that when anyone anywhere in the world enter your domain name into their web browser, they are directed to the website you are about to create.

Step 4

Choose a web-hosting service for your website. In addition to price, consider your website's needs. If you plan to see things from your site, consider services that support an online shopping cart. If continuous access to your site is important, consider services that offer 24/7 support. If you will be creating the website yourself (rather than hiring someone to do the work for you) consider hosts that provide website creation tools in addition to their other services.

Step 5

Direct your domain name to your hosting service. Details for how to do this are provided by the hosting service.

Step 6

Create your website. You have three main options: use the tools provided by your hosting service to create the site, use website creation tools not provided by your web host or hire someone to create the site for you.


Tips & Warnings

  • It can take hours and in some cases even longer for information about your new domain name to propagate to all corners of the Internet. While this is happening, it is possible that someone entering your domain name into their web browser will be directed to a generic web page or notified that your website doesn't exist. This is only a temporary issue that will automatically clear up once your information propagates.
  • If you try to access your website before your domain name has propagated throughout the Internet and get a "website not found" error or redirected to some generic page, you may need to wait a few hours, then click your browser's "Refresh" button to see your new website.

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