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How To Link a Domain Name to a Web Hosting Page

To link a domain name to a web hosting page, you first need a registered domain name and a web hosting account. Most commercial web hosts offer domain name registration along with their hosting packages, but if you purchased your domain name separately from your hosting plan or wish to transfer a domain name from one host to another, you will need to link it to your web host's servers for it to show up online. Web hosts use specially designated "name servers," or "DNS" servers, to point domain names to the actual IP addresses where their websites are located.


Difficulty: 2

Step 1

Locate your web host's name/DNS servers. First, log in to your account on your web host's site. Most web hosting companies' name server lists are easy to find in your account documentation, so look for any related links on your main user account page and in your control panel. Name server lists are usually formatted as "ns1.something.com," "ns2.something.com," for example. If you cannot find the list of name server information on your web hosting provider's site, contact them directly.

Step 2

Log in to your account on your domain name registrar's website and input the new name servers for your domain. Select the domain name you want to link and look for a page asking to add or change name server addresses. If you cannot find the page, consult your registrar's FAQ or help section for a link.

Step 3

Copy and paste the server addresses you located earlier, making sure they are in the correct order: "ns1.something.com" is usually the first or "primary" name server, "ns2.something.com" second, and so on. You should have at least two name servers to enter.

Step 4

Save the changes to your domain and log out. Your domain name is now linked to your main web hosting page, but you will have to wait at least a day or two for the updates to appear online.


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