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What Do I Do Once I Have Purchased a Domain Name?

You've got a domain name, now what?

Now that you have a new domain name, there is a lot of work that needs to be done before that idea of your can become a fully functional website. A hosting account needs to be set up, a site to design and templates to be sorted through, content to develop, and who could forget advertising and networking. With hard work and planning you can make sure your new site is set in the right direction from the start.


Hosting providers provide you with your own little piece of the Internet. This is a place for you to store the files and folders, which will be your website, organize content and inventory for browsers, and hang your shingle in the world marketplace. Your choice of hosting provider will have a large impact on the way you do business on the internet. Most people can find a service that fits the needs of a basic website, storefront, blog or image gallery for about $6 per month. Most important, you should shop around and compare features before buying anything. Also, consider the site you are setting up now as well as what it may grow to become when choosing a hosting provider. Make sure that the hosting provider can grow with your site or provide you with a way to move your site to another provider if you outgrow its services.

Site And Template

You have already hired a design team or your have the skills to design the site yourself. Should you find that neither of these situations apply to you, there's still hope. Look around for pre-designed website templates that can have you up and running in no time. Although these aren't the most aesthetically pleasing or technically sophisticated websites on the Internet, they can be customized until you find the time and resources to design a custom site. Choose a site template that most closely matches the layout and theme you have envisioned and begin making small changes to bring it closer to what you've had in mind.


The quality and quantity of your content will heavily determine the ranking of your site in search engines. No amount of search engine optimization can cover up a site with nothing to offer. If you are designing a storefront, then your products and services are the content for your site, and their descriptions will help your search engine rankings. This is because while a picture may be worth a thousand words to your shoppers, it's worthless to a search engine. Great descriptions bring in customers through search engines and great images turn shoppers into buyers. Your site should have both. Sites such as blogs, photo galleries and online resumes will already have some sort of content in mind, and should begin filling the page.


It is important to not only look at Internet marketing but also traditional print and television as well. Although it may seem this way sometimes, the Internet is not a replacement for traditional marketing mediums. Anyone who limits themselves to only electronic marketing is cutting themselves out of a large segment of potential customers. Keep track of what ads work best on what mediums and for what customer demographic. This will help you decide where to spend your advertising dollars most advantageously.


Social networking is not a new phenomenon that came into existence with the Internet. It has been around since the first cavemen began to gather around fire in caves. These days people tend to gather around diner tables, night clubs, concerts, Twitter and Facebook. Each of these venues provide an opportunity for you to tell the story of your business to others and to help them find solutions to their problems in your area of expertise. You should publish updates about your business online through Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. However, you should also carry business cards with you everywhere, talk about you business and the ways it is helping people at social gatherings, and generally make yourself known. The general rule is to spend one minute promoting yourself for every eight to 10 minutes you spend simply socializing.


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